Driving on electricity

The eREV powertrain by VIA enables the VTRUX Van to drive the first 40 miles in all-electric mode with near zero emissions, and a full range up to 350 miles on a single fill-up. For most drivers, this means over 100 mpg in typical local daily driving. It’s exciting to drive — with more low-end torque. The electric van performs as well as or better than the comparable gas version.


Efficient use of batteries

With 75% of drivers averaging less than 40 miles a day, most electric vehicles carry extra weight in costly batteries—VIA has optimized its battery pack, carrying only what’s needed for most days. VIA’s eREV van generates its own electricity on longer trips using the onboard range extender.


Designed for how we drive

With 40 miles of battery range, most drivers won’t burn any gas in a typical day. Driving 45 miles in a day, 40 miles on batteries and 5 miles with the help of the range extender, the typical driver would average about 100 miles per gallon in gas fuel economy. When driving beyond battery range, the VTRUX still gets significantly better fuel economy than the gas model.


Exportable power

Power where you need it—at home or the workplace. With two 240 volt outlets right on the rear of the van provide easy access for work or emergency. Now you can plug your house into your van in an emergency! The VTRUX power export module option provides 14.4 kW at 60 amps of onboard mobile power. A utility grade output module is planned for the future and will be designed to provide 50 kW of mobile emergency power to keep critical facilities online.

Unlimited Range

Say good-bye to range anxiety, this is an electric vehicle with unlimited range. VIA’s new eREV vans drive up to 40 miles on batteries then continue up to 350 miles or more on longer trips. It generates its own electricity using a fuel-efficient onboard generator or “range extender.”

Solar Powered Van

Charge While Parked or Driving

High capacity solar panels which plug into VIA’s proprietary power train and charging technology allow the panels to charge the van when parked or driving.

Electric Van